Thursday, December 6, 2012

2012 Graduate Exhibition at the SVPA, Utas

Exhibition masthead with Sue Henderson, my supervisor, on the left.

The School of Visual and Performing Arts 'Graduate Exhibition' ran for a week and  is now over, and the last of my work has returned home marking the completion my university life.

Except, of course, for my assessment result. And that too is now in. 

The examiners awarded me a Distinction. 

All that remains now is the graduation ceremony in a few weeks when i'll get to clomp over a stage to be awarded a Master of Contemporary Arts degree. 

Kerry Finch MLC congratulating the wonderful Amelia Rowe on her residency to Paris.  

View through the milling crowd to my exhibition space.

The three works on exhibition.

The Graduate Exhibition above was a different exhibition to the assessment exhibition in the previous post. Unlike the assessment exhibition which i had to select and hang myself, this one was curated and hung by a curatorial team. The three works of mine chosen by curator Melanie Kershaw for the Graduate Exhibition were:

Harry Kent, Whiteley in Ultramarine,
oil and acrylic on canvas, 76x102cm.

Harry Kent, Brett Whiteley's ghost
oil on aluminium panel, 90x120cm.

Harry Kent, Facing Facts
acrylic gap filler and paint, 76 x 102 cm.

And so ends a chapter.

I've decided to keep this blog going but i don't yet know with what frequency. Part of me is dying for a rest. Another part is keen to try new things.

Perhaps i'll post some of my old watercolour landscapes to reset the scene while i complete a sizable landscape in oil. 

Thanks everybody for your continuing interest and support. Have a wonderful Christmas!