Monday, February 4, 2013

Some landscapes

Recollections of Tooms Lake

Hi everyone. I've just returned from a lengthy summer vacation during which time i didn't paint a scrap and neither did i, regrettably, do any blogging. So all your lovely comments have had to wait until now before i could respond. Hope you understand.

But i thought i had best post something to show that i'm still alive, despite not having any new work, and so i thought i'd trot out some watercolor landscapes from six or seven years ago. They are mostly of Tasmania, within half an hours drive of where i live. The style belongs to the Claude picturesque, though i hope to move away from this in the coming year as i make my return to landscape painting.

Tamar Marine from Richies Mill, 2004

Tamar River from West Launceston

Dock of the Bay,  St Helens, 2007

Cressy, looking to Arthur's Lake

Beyond Evandale, 2007

Gum trees

Noosa, 2004

And these a little minatures, 16x12 cm, were painted with the one brush in 5 mins as a discipline.

Behind Evandale

Behind Evandale

Battery Point from Jane Franklin Hall

Soooo, here goes 2013 ......


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