Thursday, September 9, 2010


Father, oil on canvas, 30 x 40 cm


  1. Has capturado la imagen de tu padre en actitud pensativa o, quizás preocupada. Quizás está pensando en la responsabilidad de llevar una familia adelante y en la lucha que ello supone.
    Has logrado una gran expresividad.

  2. Sí, Manel, has sintonizado con el estado de ánimo de esta pintura. Mi padre murió hace unos años y ahora está fuera de su alcance. Incluso cuando estaba vivo, era un hombre tímido y privado.

  3. I find this piece haunting , Harry, the way he shades his face with his hand and all you see is the glow of his nose. Is this an image of father? a priestly father perhaps, or a paternal father.

  4. Olá!
    Tenho seguido o seu blogue e essencialmente as suas criações, que são soberbas, com muita energia e inquietação.
    Não sou de muitos comentários e neste caso reservo-me pura e simplesmente a absorver em silêncio a leitura das suas criações; E quem sou eu para grandes ou pequenos comentários.
    No entanto tinha que deixar aqui o meu manifesto de atenção para com as suas criações que são um colosso, pura e simplesmente formidáveis espectaculares.
    Este é um dos “lugares” que estou a “aprender” vendo e “ouvindo” no escrever os sentidos dos comentários e dos seus textos sentimentos do seu “Ser”.
    Até sempre e continuação de felizes momentos de criação.

  5. An amazing piece Harry. Love the Masque!

  6. Did you not know I didn't know mine?
    Was he completely mine?
    Was your life marked by his mine?
    But do you love him I love mine?

    A brilliant painting that touches my heart.

  7. hi Elizabth. It's an image of my adoptive father, now deceased.

  8. Thanks for taking such positive interest, Laura.

  9. Olá! Muito obrigado pelo interesse que tomar na minha pintura, Paulo. E obrigado por me deixar saber que você goste do meu trabalho. Ela me incentiva a trabalhar mais e assumir maiores riscos com a minha pintura. Eu valorizo o seu comentário. Saudação.

  10. Celeste, i'm much moved by your comment. You've gone to the heart of this painting. This is my adoptive father who was a gentle, shy, retiring and private man.

    But it is also my lost natural father. I have searched for him with the aid of the international Red Cross without success. He disappeared into the human tragedy that was WWII.

    He never met me but he knew my mother was carrying me. She told me he looked forward to my birth, to having me as his son. With his remaining anonimity goes the loss of entire family bloodline - the kin i have never known.

    I understand your love of your father, Celeste. He lives on in you in talents and mannerisms and temperament and a dozen other ways, none of which you can know but which are nonetheless real. His blood calls to you and embraces you from within.

    Thank you for understnding my painting.

  11. Yes, Olivia, a father now far, a father out of reach.

  12. This is beyond any words I know. Such great art.

  13. Thanks for taking a closer look, Marian and Skizo.

    And thank you Hallie for your whole-hearted encouragement.

  14. Harry, I think your Dad had to be extra special to have created you and where he is now he more assuredly smiles upon you.

  15. Gracias por el comentario
    Esta pintura de tu padre es intrigante. Me pregunto quien es esta persona que se esconde entre las sombras...

  16. Hello Harry,
    This painting is fantastic,
    the effect of shadow and light was brilliant!
    I see you decided to bring to the surface
    deepest memories and today is the image of his adoptive father,
    In this tribute, is visible to the admiration and respect that you
    had by him,by the way silent and quiet him.
    You managed to rescue him through this beautiful work!!

  17. I understand the tug of a family lost in time and space. I have been seeking a family lost through different circumstances but the desire is equally strong. This painting captures the longing for that family and a lost part of one's self. It brought tears to my eyes.

  18. Paulo, that is a wonderful thought, that my father lives on in this work. Thank you, my friend.

  19. Davida, i am moved that you were so moved by this painting. I wish you every success in your quest for your loved one. The struggle to overcome separation - this is the stuff of our humanity.

  20. No words, just silent admiration.....