Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dreaming with dumpr

Gallery visitors immersed in Harry Kent's Dark night of the soul.

Yes folks, you too can dream.

You too can have your virtual exhibition with virtual art-lovers discovering your real worth. At last!

Or on a more serious level, test to see if you should be painting on a larger scale.

All you have to do is play with dumpr HERE.

Simply join (painless, i used my blog title for ID), and then import or upload your fav images that you think might look good on a large scale.

Some more examples below.

Have fun.

Keep believing.

Harry Invictus peers down at gallery visitors.

Regrets is another deeply personal work in this fine exhibition of Harry Kent's work.

Art lovers admiring the intense color and expressive impasto that is Harry Kent's Twilight in the Gorge


  1. Hello Harry,
    Fantastic! Your paintings look fabulous on such a grand scale. Seriously. I can't believe it. I'm still smiling. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to try it.

  2. Harry that is so cool! What a great way to visualize success. I think I need to do that.

  3. Hi Harry,

    I consider it an early Christmas gift. Thanks!

  4. Harry.... this is SUPER COOL! Thank you for sharing this fun tool. Your work, however, looks good on any scale!

    Hope you are feeling much better these days,


  5. I just did a few of my paintings and it makes me want to paint big big big.

    Thanks Harry. This was so much fun and makes me smile. ;-D

  6. jugar?
    sus pinturas son impresionantes, todas las galerías deberían pegarse por sus obras.

  7. it is really nice! well done
    I already know this site...

    see you

    ps: your art is always so great..

  8. definately a fun programme. thank you for sharing this... i'm off to try it out now;)

  9. Your work looks fantastic on this big scale! Go for it!

  10. Thanks Harry, is a Super cool idea.
    Your paintings are beautiful in the best museums.
    I test too.
    A super hug.

  11. The large scale works fine for your work! It's a real trip 'seeing your work in a museum' setting. When I saw the first picture I thought "Way to go, Harry! You got collected by a museum!" Then I read your description. The works look great big!

  12. Your work should be this size - powerful and strong enough to be very big, indeed!! I could see all of these in an art gallery or museum, Harry.

  13. sometimes bigger is better...yours look great.

  14. Hola Harry...¿Y porqué no? Todos deberíamos estar en un museo, pintar cómo lo hacemos tiene mucho mérito, jaja me ha gustado mucho

  15. I just tried it too! Its a great idea to see how your paintings look so big and yours work a treat:)

  16. harry....
    These look great in the settings you've put them in, at first look I thought they were where you had placed them.

  17. Ha! Yes i know this Dumpr tool. Big fun. And yes, wanna make you paint on larger scales. It looks good these paintings of you in these surroundings. :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  18. Oh and i forgot: i hope you're feeling better now Harry.

  19. Such fun! Your work looks amazing in gallery format!

  20. Paint larger. I believe we will see your work in museums, and size should not matter.

  21. hey hey, it looks like everyone has had some fun playing! Thanks for the nice comments about my work along the way.

    And it really does make one think about the format of painting. Maybe some of the difficulties i've been having have to do with the nature of the marks i make, a difficulty that turns into an asset on a larger scale. Instead of fiddling with blobby paint to make a small eye, i need to get stuck in with big bold marks to paint whopper eyes! We'll see.

    Thanks again everyone for commenting. An enthusiastic painting community like this is so motivating and what makes blogging the pleasure that it is.

  22. My favorite is the final one--with the three people in front of it--it looks just right! Thanks for sharing the link...very fun