Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Friday

Easter Friday, charcoal and oil on paper, 90 x 60 cm

Good Friday, season of crucifixion and time for reflection on our crosses.

Time to look in a mirror.

I head outside to my cold studio, take charcoal and paint in hand, just for 15 minutes, before returning to warm rooms and warm hot-cross buns

I hang the mirror next to my easel. What do i see? I can't think what i see. I can only muster enough discipline to make these few quick marks.

My arm arcs rapidly over the gesso'd craft paper as the the CD player sings:
"He was despiz-ed,
  Despiz-ed and re-ject-ed,
  Rejek-ed-ded of men,
  A man of sorrows,
  A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief".
Enough. I toss the brush into turps (even Pilate washed his hands).

I flee back inside for  the comfort of a Lindt bunny to leave Dorian Grey out here, alone, to face the music.

Meanwhile, back safe inside with a cup of tea, Dr. Jekyll has reverted, to feel as wise and normal as the daily paper.


  1. I love this post Harry. Next to a great painter you also write so well.
    You wrote on FB that you wasn't content with the first painting, but the painting is so deep and intense. The piercing eyes almost scares me. But they attract me at the same time!
    i also love the wise and normal you. In fact i like all sides of you. A lot! :-)

    Sweet greetz dear friend.

  2. Dorian Grey indeed. This is a wonderful self portrait, Harry, from the mirror, I take it. An Easter reflection, perhaps. Wonderful.

  3. Dear Harry it's always a pleasure to "live "your paintings (:
    but in fb where are U ; I couldn't find You , this way I ended in the Saatchi site , which I do open seldom .
    a big hug

  4. Aren't mirrors fun? Those pursed lips of concentration as you try to hold the pose--I like your portrait. I suspect it's the same determined look you had as a kid.

  5. A very good work!! Strong and balance.
    Like a refletion in the mirror, we have to translate what side we are...

  6. Thanks, Monica. Yes, that's what it's all about, the different 'you' one sees in the mirror every time one looks. Thanks for your lovely warm and encouraging words :).

  7. Hi Elizabeth Sorry it's taken me a little while to reply. I seem to be in the grip of some kind of inertia.

    Yes, an Easter refelection, literal and metaphorical. (I think Matthias Grunewald is the earliest painter of influence in my artistic pantheon)

  8. Hi Marialuisa. I think ive fixed the fb problem. It will be nice to connect.

  9. Haha, yes, Hallie, you spotted it. I was looking sideways into a mirror and pursing my lips in concentration, though i took liberties with elongating the head. And yes again, i was a pretty serious and self-opinionated kid, lol.

  10. Thanks, Skizo.

    Sorry to hear about what happened to your blog. Ive tried a number of times to beome a follwer of the new blog, but somehow it won't work??!!

    I guess it's a lesson that we should back up our blogs if we want to keep a record of our writing and the comments in response.

  11. How wise, Jaime - "we have to translate what we are"!

  12. that portrait seems to say...."don't mess with me, pal"

    I like it

  13. Your artwork is very bold and dynamic. I love the energy of your black marks.