Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Studio

light and chaos

Just so followers of this blog won't be left with a creepy Strontium-90 Hazmat head peering out at them on their blog, i'll post some pics of studio.

I work beside a bay window that looks out onto a terrace garden, with trees and lots of birds. But as you see, the window is filled with clutter. The studio is way too small for my needs and storage is a scarce commodity. Fortunately, it is not my only source of light. The ceiling over where i work has a large skylight and i work with the door open so that myriad skink lizards the run in, manic with sunlight,  can find their way back out again in their own good time.

easel and a lot more spilt paint

store and saw

drawing & watercolor desk

It's now semester break and in a couple of weeks i'm off to London and a cruise on the Rhone River - a chance to check out Vincent's Arle.

outside work area


So endeth Semester 1.

Post script: proof that i can also paint out of just a small box of paints! (Yes, it IS me!).


  1. Your studio Harry, has a nice 'homely' feel with a touch of 'organised chaos', just the way an artist's studio should be!
    Enjoy your trip!
    Warm (25c) regards, Richard

  2. Your studio's perfect. I have a lot of skink lizards on my deck--I like watching them crawl up through the boards and nap in the sunshine.

  3. Harry,
    your studio is very welcoming and inspiring!
    is a lovely place, close to nature ...
    ahhh ... very nice, to be!
    I feel that you visited :))

    know, was very good you have approached this issue about nuclear energy, and leaks ...
    I confess that this is one of my fears in life ... and you're treated so well and seriously ...
    congratulate you for the initiative, this competent study and for sharing these wonderful works of art, proving that the sensitivity and the expression always find its place!

    really, the pictures of your studio are encouraging!

    a big big hug
    and a good ride Rhone River;))

  4. I can see you don't work in plein air with a tool box full of paints. That would be a wild one to tote around! I think artists are "cluttery" by nature, so no matter how mush space you'd have, it might still look a bit like this. It's the creations that count.

  5. Harry, your studio has a beautiful light and creative chaos.
    I wish you a very creative day.

    "El Arte es Caos"

    My best greetings.

  6. Harry, congrats to semester one being over!!! And I hope you have a wonderful trip and cruise - will be looking forward to hearing your experiences walking in Vincent's footsteps for a while :) Take care and have fun, my friend.

  7. Morning Harry,
    Here's a great big THANK YOU, for two reasons; Of course, the first being for the opportunity to see your studio.
    I can't explain the fascination with it, but the voyeur in me was completely thrilled to be allowed in. It is nothing less than an intimate look at how your incredible works come to be and we're all grateful for your sharing it with us.
    Secondly, I must admit it is true about the Fukushima series. I'm emotionally worn out by it and though it will forever be judged as some of your most important work, it's a welcome relief to see lighter fare. Not unlike going from constant tsunami video to a tour of the Sistine Chapel. So, many thanks, Harry.
    And have a wonderful trip! We'll all be looking forward to the photos.

  8. I wish I had a studio like this!
    Thank you for show it to us.

  9. Hi Richard. More chaos than organized, methinks, lol. Im trusting that as i focus in on particular ways of working, everything will become more streamlined and organised. haha.

  10. Hi Hallie. Yes, skinks are such fun. And intelligent.

    Reminds me of Thoreau who, rather than imprison a bird in a cage for its song, 'imprisoned' himself near the birds in his small hut at Waldon Pond. So i'm free to enjoy the skinks, on their terms, but for that have no responsibility of maintaining them.

    Maybe it's just another part of the chaos of my studio, lol.

  11. Thank you so much, Denise. You are always so kind and positive. And yes, i'm sure looking forward to Provence. Will be visiting Arle, Avignon, Viviers, Tournon/Tain, Lyon and Chalon. Hope it's not too hot!

  12. Haha, too true Susan. Even if i had a warehouse it would become cluttered over time.

    Though actually, i did used to paint plein air from just a box. I actually started out as a out-doors landscape water-colorist (and have added a small pic from 5 years ago as proof). Golden days.

  13. "El Arte es Caos". Love it! Thank you Azucena. I will hang that over my studo door!

  14. Yes Rhonda, Vincent is one of the reason i'm going to Arles. Just to see the light. The landscape. The streets he painted.

  15. Your such always such a positive enthusiast, Gary. Thanks for all the encouragement you have so genserously heaped on me over the months.

  16. Hi Manel. Yes, i'm lucky to have it. I built it thirty years ago as a workshop. It still has a saw bench, welding equipment, drill press and other large items of equipment. That's one of the reasons why i am cramped with my art and lack storgae. I should really just make a decision and sell of lot gear. But i find it hard burn bridges. But yes, i am very lucky to have this.

  17. Harry, thanks so much for showing your workspace - light and chaos, indeed! the very duet that sings in the artist's soul! Warm congratulations on surviving the semester and best wishes (with a tinge of envy) on your upcoming well-deserved travels! Eat, drink and be merry! It is always wonderful when an artist goes in search of another artist's inspirational places, who better to understand what Vincent felt and saw and was compelled to create there? I am sure you will feel great sympathy and come home inspired anew. All the best to you, my friend.

  18. There is a number for the chaos!! And it can be an organized way to transform all around!
    This is a good place to create, transform and change sings and syntoms!!Congrats!
    Good trip!

  19. ... it is so nice to see your studio, i'm gelous because you have the typichal great master's studio windows... like cezanne ... great!!!!

  20. The emotional intensity of the Fukishima series is too much to maintain indefinitely. It's a nice break to see your studio for you and for me.

    The disarray seems familiar. The smallness you mention seems cozy to me. Storage is an ongoing problem. Our compulsion to make work can quickly overtake the capacity of our work spaces.

    Better to have creative chaos than tidy idleness.

  21. I so enjoyed the voyeuristic look into you studio. Thank you for sharing. I can say with certainty that if I had skink lizards roaming in and out of my studio my two little boys would be asking to come paint with me much more often!

  22. Paulo(bondearte)June 20, 2011 at 7:57 AM

    Congratulations Harry,
    Hahahahah, what a mess!
    I thought I was i the "King of Clutter"
    but I see that I'm just the Prince of mess
    I lost the title "King of confusion" for you :))))
    Big Hug

  23. Thanks for the good wishes, Gabriella. I certainly intend to follow your advice! With the Aussie dollar doing so well, i couldn't miss the opportunity.

  24. transformative chaos, or art transforming chaos - i like both ideas, Jaime, lol.

  25. Hi Laura. Thanks for taking a peek. Afraid the windows are the only similarity i share with the cezanne, haha.

  26. So right, Davida. Just when i'm comfortably settled in, i suddenly want to paint monster canvases that i couldn't even get through the door!

  27. Boys will be boys, Nicki (or is that observation politically incorrect?). I'm sure they don't need skinks to find a way into your paints, lol.

  28. Nice orderly chaos,i would like to swap!!
    Tjerno, fuku...Trought the eyes of Harry.

  29. such a unique environment of organised chaos... okay so i'm rather the same in that respect but i hunt out storage items: a dresser with cupboards which holds my art books and the cupboards are full of other art stuff... storage drawers which hold all my paints and the top is used for my palette which is too heavy for me to hold in my hand etc the wonderful thing about your method is you can probably find everything... and the problem with mine is that i can't! but after two weeks or so my art room looks like yours and i start tidying everything away;)

  30. "Orderly chaos" - good one, Willy!

  31. And "organised chaos". Sounds like a metaphor for life, Rahina, lol. I can usually find everything, that's true, and everything is within easy reach. On the other hand, it's fun to have surprise discoveries of stuff one had forgotten one had!

  32. wonderful post! I always LOVE seeing an artist's studio just as it really is ..yours is really wonderful..I can see why you get so much work done. That photo at the end is the best --you and the small paint kit! Thank for sharing the photos, fun to visit "with" you!

  33. thanks for the visit, Celeste. The photo is a me from a few years back when i experimented with wearing a beard. ANOTHER failed experiment!

  34. It looks as small and cluttered as mine! Enjoy your trip to the Northern Hemisphere where it is much warmer than down here!

  35. Harry, I did not put comments on your blog for a long time. I saw your Fukushima serie. It freezes my blood. I can not really express in words. I think your paintings are like hearts of Japanese people who lived through this tragedy ... I just wanted to tell you that I follow you but it is sometimes difficult to tell you how I feel. However, you have done a great work, really.
    Thank you for sharing with us your Sutdio. It's nice to see your workspace !
    Cheers Harry!

  36. Haha, thanks Liz. I'm in London now and we had 32C yesterday! My body is in shock after our southern climes, lol. Glad someone else shares my kind of art space.

  37. Thank you so much for your heart-felt words, Olivia. You have been missed. I was worried that the Fukushima pieces had put you off. But i had to press on with them. Now one has been published in the recent issue of the French magazine Réseau "Sortir du nucléaire".

    Warm wishes,