Monday, August 6, 2012

Harry Kent art published in Singapore

 Blue Rain by Harry Kent

Two of my paintings have recently been reproduced and published in a monograph Big difference in a small world  by publication Art Director, Desmond Kon.

Big difference in a small world is a research study report by Peggy Leong Pek Kay into the job satisfaction and retention of almost 400 pre-school teachers from over 100 schools in Singapore. 

The art direction for this 124 page A4 monograph was done by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé. Desmond, himself an artist and poet, has edited more than ten books and co-produced three audio books. His work in entertainment and lifestyle journalism has taken him to Australia, France, Hong Kong and Spain. 
You can discover Desmond's extensive writing and publishing history HERE

Desmond contacted me back in April this year to request permission to publish two of my paintings. 

Along with the over 70 works by various artists around the world,  Desmond requested my Blue Rain and Private Moment for inclusion. 

Private Moment by Harry Kent

When i discovered he had trained in Professional Publishing (Books) at Stanford University, so i knew i was in good hands and  was most happy to give approval. 

Desmond has done a fine job putting together a quality publication that showcases arresting and expressive artwork from a broad range of excellent artists. I am honoured to be included among them.

Big difference in a small world,  p. 44.

The surprise is that the artwork is interspersed through an education research report. There is no direct linking of text to the art images. Rather, the two inhabit parallel worlds. And yet the overall effect is to humanize the statistics and analysis contained in the report and to somehow illustrate a key theme of report itself - the worth of human endeavour.

This brings to four the number of publishers who have discovered my work on line and went on publish reproductions.

Kosmos in the USA (see HERE)

Réseau "Sortir du nucléaire" in France (see HERE)

the cover of Konrád György's novel The Case Worker , Korean translation, in South Korea (see HERE)

and now Big difference in Singapore.

I am delighted with the outcome.

Much thanks, Desmond.



  1. Great to see more of your work published Harry, well done!

    1. Thanks, Richard. It'll have to do for i just can't seem to raise any enthusiasm for entering my work into exhibitions, lolz.

  2. Congrats Harry,
    I'm only surprised only four have discovered your immense talent! No doubt word will get around and next thing you'll be crushed with offers. We'll keep our fingers crossed for that!

    1. Haha, you dreamer! Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  3. Congratulations Harry! The pieces selected are powerful and your commitment to your art recognised. Wishing you continued success :) r.

  4. Congratulations Harry! Great to know your online presence is gaining recognition for your work . :D

  5. Congratulations Harry. You deserve this recognition. I think you already have the respect of your peers. Well done.

  6. Absolutely brilliant Harry!
    By the way I had to take your blog off my sidebar as google said it was giving me a virus! My knowledge of these things is very limited, so am wondering if I can put you back on again??

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth.

      Yes, it's safe to put it back. I've just checked again with Google toolbox and all is clear.

      There was an issue end of May with a photo of Bob Dylan that linked to a source URL that Google didn't like. The photo itself was quite safe and there was no risk just by visiting my blog. Anyway, i removed the photo early in June so all is well.

      However, as a result of the experience though, i am progressively replacing most linked photos on my blog with original images of my own.


  7. Hi Harry: It was an honor to be able to work with your amazing art! I'm really glad you like the book, and how it looks. Much thanks. You're lovely.

    Desmond Kon

    1. Great job, Desmond, and the pleasure is all mine. Youre a great talent.

      All the best in your next project.

      Warm regards

  8. Great paintings Harry, and in this case also a rather special balance of the urge to express and the urge to overthink. Congratulations with them being publised!