Friday, November 16, 2012

Assessment exhibition

This Thursday i was forbidden to come onto campus. The markers were in!

On Monday/Tuesday I was required to set up an exhibition of key works, informed by my prior Contextual Studies Paper and oral presentation at a Post Grad Critique.

At 5.30pm i was allowed back on campus for post exam drinkies - a pleasant hour and a half where friends and gallery owners could peruse and ponder this year's crop. My allotted exhibition space was modest but enabled me to put up eight of the sixty-odd works i have created over the last three years. Adjoining my area were several other gallery alcoves where fellow students had set up their assessment exhibitions - mainly  installations. The pics below tell a little of the story.

Meanwhile, in a neighbouring lecture theatre, i had piled up the other 52 (called 'support materials' - a vaguely dismissive term, i always thought), and  my journals. 

I won't find out the result until the end of November when i will be given a grade and written report. But on the night people were very kind. Though i still really have no sense of the merit or otherwise of what i done. 

So my biggest lift came when one of the staff actually BOUGHT one of my paintings from the exhibition! 

Harry Kent, Dark night, oil on board, 60x90cm. SOLD

What pleased me so much was the genuine engagement with the image that this purchase signified. And that the buyer, a man of quiet intensity, is someone i respect.  Until that moment, it had felt rather strange to have strangers wander past my agonised self portraits like they were window-shoppers and i was one of the consumables of the evening. There is blood in these works, my blood. But on the night, it's all quips and smiles as we enter into a tacit conspiracy that life is simply one entertainment after another.

So now i read through the reams of instructions for the graduation ceremony (assuming i will be graduating) with all those icky arrangements for gown hire etc. I think i'll just pull my doctoral gown and hood out of moth balls and save myself $160 gown hire.Hoping my fellow graduands won't mind. 



  1. Hello Harry,
    Or should I say, Master Harry! Congratulations are in order and greatly deserved. It has been a great honor to be witness to your navigation of this course.
    A course with abundant challenges already, but you had to go and make it more so by adding Meniere's! Such a show-off!
    Harry, it's easy to sense your pride in this post, which is as it should be. The pride which naturally comes from attainment of such a difficult goal. Thanks for sharing it all with the world.
    You've inspired and amazed us, and demonstrated what a remarkably talented human being can do when his mind is set.
    Enjoy the ceremony, Harry, in whatever robe you, Sir, have earned it!

    1. Gary, you have been such a good friend! Always so positive, looking for the best, overlooking the limitations.

      And here is me feeling so guilty. I know ive neglected my faithful bloggy friends. I haven't visited their blogs as much as i would have liked. My only excuse is the total absorption of this final run-up to my assessment and all the meetings and preparations that entailed.

      It's partially this failing on my part part that makes me wonder if i have what it takes to keep this blog going.

      But the support and encouragement of wonderful artists like yourself has been totally instrumental in my completion of this course of study. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Gary.

      Whatever gown i wear, know that you will you will be marching up to the rostrum with me!

  2. Congratulations Harry! I don't think it's premature to say it out loud. It has been a privilege to witness your journey. Your generous sharing of your process and reflections have enriched my own search for defining my practice and I thank you for that. I do hope you continue to blog because I and probably many others would truly miss you.


    1. Elizabeth, what can i say! You have been such a constant support. I delighted in following the ups and downs your progress and you in turn have been such a loyal friend.

      Your encouragement re my blogging is certainly making me think. I guess blogging will continue, but in what form? Just press on with this blog? Let it morph into an artist's blog instead of the student blog it has been? Start an entirely new blog 'harrykentart'?

      Decisions, decisions. And among them all i need a rest but also know that blogging depends on a constant and continuing presence. Oh dear, oh dear.

      Thanks so much for all your understanding and enthusiasm for my endeavors, even at times when i was full of doubt. Big hugs.

  3. Congratulations on this milestone! Non-artists are completely oblivious to the agony of the process you have completed. Being under continuous judgement takes it toll. That said, I have enjoyed sharing a tiny portion of your process. I have looked forward to every one of your posts and I have missed them the past few months.

    Now you can go off and play in any sandbox you desire to play in but the rigor of this experience will stay with you to inform future work. Now that the pressure is off, you might also wonder, "What do I do with myself, now?" Just go wherever your interest takes you.

    I know I am being very selfish in urging you to keep your blog going. I enjoy it too much. You have been thought provoking and insightful with each one. Brett Whitely has been introduced to me as well! This is a real accomplishment so bask in a little glory. Bravo!

    1. Thanks you so much, you wonderful generous person, Davida. How appreciative i have been for your sound judgment and insightful comment born of your teaching experience and own artistic practice.

      I think i would miss our community of on-line artists too mch if were stop blogging, and your encouraging comments just make the thought of stopping all the harder!


    2. Welll!? You may just go take a vacation. You've worked hard. Then after you have recharged, come back to blogging.

  4. Well done Harry! This has been quite a ride for you (I'm thinking of your struggle with Meniere's) and what a reward to each the finish line. It looks like it was a successful night and I am certain you are a shoo-in to graduate. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks so much, Nicki. And yes, i have to admit, it's been a bit difficult at times. Thanks for sticking with me through thick and thin. Your support is greatly appreciated.

  5. congratulations on having reached your target.... your works and words are powerful.

    1. Thanks, Rahina. Thanks for all your encouragement and friendship.

  6. Congratulations, did a wonderful job and you should be really proud of yourself---I am definitely proud of you. You deserve all the accolades here. Outstanding!

  7. Congratulations

  8. Great Harry! I'm happy for you and I love the fact that people loves this kind of art it's meaning a lot for all us