Friday, April 23, 2010

Harry Kent wins Gallery of NSW prize

No, not for my painting! Settle down. For a haiku.

T'is for winning a 10 March competition run by the Gallery of NSW, announced on Twitter:
"For a chance to win this print by Keizaburo Matsuzaki tweet us a Japanese memory or inspiration."

The print is by Keizaburo Matsuzaki from Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, who made it while he was in the Gallery of NSW. It is a reproduction of Kitagawa Utamaro's print design of Takashima Ohisa. Matsuzaki was visiting the Gallery to demonstrate the art of complex woodblock prints to celebrate the Gallery’s current exhibition “Hymn to Beauty: the art of Utamaro” .

my winning entry, announced 16 March, was this haiku:

Matsuzaki came to visit
And left
Utamaro in our hearts.

So, much excitement today as my hand-printed prize from the Gallery of NSW,  , finally arrived.

It’s exquisite.

Thanks Molly Waugh and thanks Gallery of NSW.

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