Tuesday, April 6, 2010

why this blog?


Why does anyone start a blog?

Well, actually, I've started a Masters of Contemporary Arts degree course at the Academy of Arts at Inveresk - latitude 42 degrees south, just north of the penguins. The Academy has its own internal blog but few seem to participate. And so I thought, hey, why not go public with the effort I put in?!

Soooo, I'll be posting some of my experiments in mark-making and image-creation here, for you, gentle reader, to peruse as little or as much as you please. I absolutely invite your comments.

Along the way I may muse a-while, this being first and foremost a deliberation about the visual arts, and an exposé of the challenges, and maybe small successes, I find along the way in my art practice.

I acknowledege I am no great talent, and I accept I have left this persuit far too late in life. But I do not wish to leave this life without all that might have been best in me at least getting a glimpse of the light of day before it gets eternal night.

Drawing and painting are, I believe, an analog of life itself.

And so I push my shallow barque out into the stream.

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