Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gary L. Everest, brilliant portrait artist

Gary L. Everest's portrait of Harry Kent

Lately I have  been much honoured and deeply moved by my friend Gary's wonderful portait of me that he completed in recent days.

Gary is an exceptionally fine painter, a soulful and reflective artist who has something important to say about the human condition.

His technique is masterly.

I am humbled by his talent.

And deeply value his friendship.

You can see more of Gary's stunning work, and become a follower of this fine artist, at his blog at HERE.

Gary beside his portrait of me.


  1. Gary is, indeed, very talented and this painting is so striking and powerful - I'm glad it's large and strong and hoping you are feeling the same these days.

  2. Harry,
    congratulations to the talent of your friend.
    This is a beautiful work
    Big hug

  3. A fine job!
    very well done.
    I hope things are going well for you Harry!

  4. Harry,

    I do agree with RH...wishing you strength and health! Looking forward to more of your works.

    A very kind tribute here!

    Cheers, my friend,

  5. Wonderful
    tank you for sharing

  6. I think this exceptional. As a portrait artist myself, this has great feeling and GREAT technique. BRAVO and then some.

  7. Wao, it's a really good painting! Thank you, Harry, for letting us know this talented painter.

  8. wow...fantastic. It looks just like you!

  9. Hi Harry,
    My goodness! This is an unexpected honor, indeed, but remember...I couldn't have done it without you.
    Your incredibly creative and boldly expressive self-portraits have inspired innumerable fellow painters, including me.
    I'm honored to know you and will forever be in your debt for what you've given all of us. We all eagerly await your next painting, poem or discourse on matters of art and philosophy and especially your always encouraging and positive comments.
    Stay well and keep creating.

  10. wow your friend has done to you a wonderfull present with this, thank you to introduce him to me.

    see you

  11. I'm so stupid, now I'm just clicking on the link and ...well I known since last year the good work Gary, I appreciate it really much

  12. Beautifull,a very nice portrait.
    Blue and yellow very well contrasted.
    Soft light gives intimite atmosphere.
    You are an artist full of sensitivity.
    A big hug.

  13. Harry, you are right. Very talented portraitist !
    I like how he shows you, in the light with a sunny background ! Only your eyes can show us your heart ? Kind regards. Olivia

  14. I saw this on the sidebar of RH Carpenter's blog several days ago and became a follower. A HUGE portrait.

  15. I'm impressed! What is the actual size? I'm following anyway. All good stuff. Regards

  16. Gary is fantastic .... yes , this work is impressive about everything , all values .
    what a work ... I am really fascinated !

  17. This portrait must give you a good feeling! Beautiful!

  18. A fabulous portrait - one to treasure!

  19. Though I have never actually met you, this is how I imagined you. Your very expressive self-portraits have given me a clue but the more realistic style seems to confirm my imaginings. It reflects the thoughtfulness of your writings.

    A fabulous portrait.

  20. Hello Harry!
    Good portrait.
    Excellent drawing and nuances.


  21. What an honor granted, Harry!
    Gary did a wonderful record of you!
    a talented artist, depicting another great artist!

    a big hug!

  22. Hi, Harry.
    What a awesome work!!!
    Now you are free to eternity!

  23. Thank you so much everybody for your amazing comments. I'm so glad you appreciate Gary's work and I know he is very encourgaed reading your reactions.

    I'm sorry i have not been able to write earlier and that i am am unable to reply individually now, which i would very much like to do, but i have had a recent illness and the convalescence is taking rather some time and has been preventing me from sitting at a computer for any length of time. I am fine and everything is healing well.

    It has also been preventing me from painting, alas. So i have had nothing to show over recent weeks. I expect to be back in action well and truly by March.

    Thanks again everyone for your visits and comments and your on-going support of this blog.

    Warm greets,


  24. Brillante el retrato también,un abrazo.

  25. Hi Harry , I hope U are feeling better and getting stronger and stronger , so U can be back painting !! I am missing Your paintings .
    take care
    a big colorful hug
    Nice portrait of U , Your friend did .