Tuesday, January 4, 2011

JKPP Down Under at The Edge Cafe

The Edge Cafe, Launceston

I've had over had numerous solo exhibitions at The Edge Cafe in Launceston, Tasmania (an island State of Australia)  over the last four years. I sold near 20 oils, acrylics, watercolors in landscapes and figure paintings, and few Conte nudes as well from there, though this exhibition had no prices marked and was really just for show.

But most of all, I have enjoyed a warm friendship with Toni and Chris, the owners.

But sadly, they are selling up and moving on.
And fate is telling me it's time for me to move on too.
And so for my last little exhibition there I had put up some of my sketches for Julia Kay's Portrait Party - JKPP Down Under.

You can see the works on display herehere, and here, as well as read about the wonderful Julia Kay's Portait Party on Flickr.

The exhibition came down today. The turning of a page.
My JKPP work down under and back the front.

Farewell Toni and Chris. Have a wonderful new adventure in the Sunshine State. Thanks for all your wonderful support over the years.

Toni serving at table.


  1. Sorry your venue is disappearing but thanks for posting the photos so we could see the show - and of course thanks for writing and exhibiting about JKPP!

  2. Thanks for sharing your show with us :) A new year = a change made (hope it's a door opening for you).

  3. Nice to see your works exhibited and good luck with this turning of a page Harry!

  4. A beautiful exhibit at the cafe. Perhaps the move will lead to exhibits in the Sunshine State. Happy New Year.

  5. it is good to see your works on the wall....
    but don't worry , on door closes and other two opens !
    all the best !

  6. Pleasure, Julia. Wow, there are now near 420 members to the group and the portraits are coming thick and fast. Thanks for all your dedication.

    Happy New year, Rhonda. Yes, i feel like i am in a transition phase and will certainly be knocking on a few doors this year.

    Thanks for the good wishes, Rodney.

    Hi Hallie. An interesting idea. I'll ask Toni if she intends to open a cafe on the Gold Coast, though i expect she is looking forward to not being tied to a coffee machine. But she is a person of ideas, so one never knows.

    Youre a man of faith and optimism, Caio, and your boundless energy is one of the things we all love about you. Your belief will help me believe. Thanks for the good wishes.

  7. So sad about a great venue Harry, but as you said, a page is being turned! Loved the portrait from your previous post.

  8. Dear Friend Harry
    Life is an eternal opening and closing doors,
    It's always good to be able to see his paintings exhibited,
    other places were opened to his talent.
    A big hug and a happy new year.

  9. I love how your work looked in that space. Well, I hope you will be able to still physically exhibit somewhere in the future--the world needs your paintings! Good luck to your friends in their new location.

  10. Harry,

    So nice to see your work in this warm space your history behind the venue makes this post most human. The shot with the long mirror is lovely!

    The year is very young, but I can sense a very different energy already...and I can sense it in your post as well. Transition is good and always welcomed.

    So happy to learn that you weren't affected by the floods, but my heart goes out to those who were.

    Stay well, my friend,

  11. It has been a long since I've visited your blog. I see you are recovering, that's good news. We do not always have our own hands on our health, nevertheless I hope you will have inner peace in 2011!

  12. Harry,

    I am thrilled to see 'the road to recovery' paintings...fantastic. I wish you the very best of health, happiness and creativity.....pajamas

  13. Sorry for delay in responding, Brian, but life here has gone crazy over the last week. And the coming week looks no better.

    Thanks for all the positive vibes. And yes, the Oz floods seem to just roll on and on, breaking all records, causing untold misery and damage.

    Thanks for all your good wishes. So great to see your work ever growing in strength and refinement. Cheers, buddy.

  14. Hi Annie, thanks for dropping by and thanks for your lovely wishes for 2011. Hope all is well with you and the year will be all you wish..

  15. Thanks for the good wishes, Alan. Always great to have your comment. Hope your 2011 turns into a mighty year for you.